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How CISC Xplorer enables to design high performance vehicle licence plates

“The CISC Xplorer took the guesswork out of the project”, says Bertus Pretorius, Solutions Architect | LicenSys, distinguished ISO/IEC contributor and veteran RFID expert. “We not only now understand how the plates perform but can also look at the protocol and the boundary conditions and then design the tags to achieve 100% performance.”


Take the guesswork out of the project

Being able to test the performance of the RFID licence plate is a key to understand, control and improve the RFID licence plate. Equally important is to understand the communication between the RFID licence plate and the RFID reader. With the CISC Sniffer, the proctol and the communication of the RFID system can be fully analyzed and in the next step actions can be derived for the optimization of the tag design.

Design secure tags with tests on crypto commands

RFID licence plates for vehicle identification, road tolling and access management have specific security requirements. The holistic RFID testing solution of CISC enables not only to test any metric of the RFID systems, it also allows to test crypto commands and vary the different parameters within the standard like modulation, timing and even user-defined command sequences and errors. Allowing read range measurements when using encrypted communication with ISO/IEC 29167-10 AES-128 crypto suite leads to a very accurate pre-evaluation of the system performance.

LicenSys reduced fraud
and theft of license plates to zero

  • Enabled the design of tags for licence plates that are secure, reliant and fast readable
  • Reduced fraud and theft with licence plates to zero
  • Simplified and speeded up road tolling and vehicle access management
  • Quick ROI due to diminished errors, time and costs
  • Unfolded full benefits of intelligent vehicle identification era
About LicenSys

LicenSys has a long history and expertise in licence plates in Australia and New Zealand. With the new RFID technologies evolving, it was subsequent to experiment also with RFID for licence plates. LicenSys’ projects on RFID licence plates were groundbreaking and have been acknowledged around the globe.

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