Tracking of Small Load Carriers (VDA-KLT)


How RFID for small load carriers (VDA-KLT) was realized with CISC RAIN Xplorer

„You cannot simply put a RFID label on a load carrier (KLT/GLT). It will not work properly”, says a lead engineer of a major German car manufacturer, who’s name may not be disclosed yet. “The CISC Xplorer enabled us to understand, control and act on every necessary RFID parameter in the logistics ecosystem. Without CISC`s holistic RFID testing solution, you are lost in trial and error.”


CISC`s pass/fail performance mask marked a turning point in the project

Being able to test the performance of the RFID load carrier is a prerequisite to understand, control and improve the RFID load carrier. However, equally important, is the speed and ease to conduct those tests and to utilize it in the next step. The CISC`s pass/fail performance mask simplifies and speeds up all your testing and verification processes of your RFID load carriers. RFID load carrier development, initial setup and sample testing with accuracy, speed and ease of use.

The RFID readiness of your logistics ecosystem is a prerequisite too

The logistics ecosystem must be RFID optimized, too. A holistic RFID testing solution is necessary to be able to test any parameter for the complete logistics ecosystem. RFID readers, gates and environment have to be analyzed and optimized to assure smooth running of the RFID load carriers.



  • Enabled RFID load carriers that meet all requirements
  • Reduced read failure rate tremendously by replacing Barcode
  • Simplified and speeded up all testing and verification processes of the RFID load carriers due to CISC’s pass/fail mask
  • Achieved full RFID implementation of the complete RFID logistics ecosystem by using a holistic testing solution that can test any RFID parameter and situation 
  • Quick ROI due to diminished errors, time and costs
  • Unfolded full benefits of intelligent logistics era


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